ipsy August Bag

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Eagle-eyed readers might notice I didn’t put up my ipsy bag for June… this is because the weather has been very hot here lately and last month’s bag came completely ruined. There was a tube of moisturizer inside which burst and leaked over everything. I tossed out many of the products, and the bag itself. I contacted ipsy for a replacement which they promptly sent out, but it didn’t arrive until right before I left for MechaCon. By then, I got so caught up in con prep that it just never got put up. Well, unfortunately, my ipsy August bag didn’t fare so well either in the oppressive Louisiana heat. Let’s take a peek.

ipsy August Bag

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Shiro Cosmetics Color of the Month Haul

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Indie makeup brands are, as I’ve noted before, terrible for the wallet. In order to save myself from the neverending torment of new collections and limited releases, I generally try to make hauls, as opposed to small purchases, just so I’m not constantly buying up one or two things. So, I actually missed out on a lot of Shiro Cosmetics’ Color of the Month eye shadows.

However, several months back, Shiro put up a lot of their older, more popular Color of the Months. The most popular out of these would be immortalized in their High Scores collection. Of course, I couldn’t let these go by, and I wasn’t sure which would make the cut, so I jumped the gun on a couple of must-have shades. What makes them must-have? Well, I’m not above admitting just the names alone enticed me…

Shiro Color of the Month Haul

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MechaCon 2014 Cosplay Lineup!

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If ever I disappear from the interwebs for a while, it’s likely that I fell down the cosplay hole. Tomorrow is MechaCon 2014, and I’ve been working like a madwoman to get ready for it. It was a little up in the air whether or not I was going to attend this year, as my sister just had her baby and I was set to fly up to NYC to visit her. But, we decided to push that back a little bit, so I hastily tried to get my ducks in a row for MechaCon.

I have been stressing and crying all week, trying to finish my cosplays, and I finally caught a moment to breathe so I thought I’d post up my cosplay lineup for the weekend. I’ll be bringing my new(ish) camera, so hopefully I can get lots of good pictures this time!

MechaCon 2014 Cosplay Lineup

On Friday, I’ll be driving up to the con and meeting up with my friends and checking into the hotel room. Melisandre is a relatively easy costume to get into, so I hope to be out and about in her by around noon at the latest. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you should be familiar with this character. She wasn’t given as much development in the books (at least not until A Dance with Dragons), so I really love how the show beefed up her character.

Saturday, I’ll be wearing Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan again, and this time I made some much-needed alterations to it so hopefully my leg straps won’t be slipping down all over, and the 3D Maneuver Gear can be taken off easily so I can, you know, sit down and go to the bathroom and stuff. :-_-: I hope I can get some nice shots of this, so I’ll be stalking photographers around…

Sunday, I’ll be in casual dress as I don’t have a third costume! I’m aiming to finish my Nightingale armor in time for NOLA Comic-Con next year.

I can’t wait for tomorrow! :clap:

Okashi Connection July Unboxing!

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Okashi Connection July Unboxing!

Another month, another Okashi Connection box! If you haven’t watched my last video, check it out!

Okashi Connection is a new Japanese candy subscription box that sends you a carefully curated box of candies, snacks and other fun edibles straight from Japan! It’s only $22 a month for the subscription, and you get over a pound of snacks in each box!

The video should be working now!

Mike’s back, helping me taste-test all the goodies we got. Maverick also noses his way in, and Goose pops in during a jump-cut, though he stays quiet as usual. (He’s camera-shy.)

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If I’m honest, I wasn’t very happy with this video. I tried to cut it down to a decent time, but it’s still realllly lengthy (almost half an hour!). I’m going to try to be more brief next time around, but Mike and I just chatter too much. :shiver:

This time, I read the member’s only blog post that explains what each item is, but I didn’t let Mike know. So he’s feeling his way blind through all of these snacks.

Don’t forget, if you subscribe to Okashi Connection, make sure to use code BTPANDA for a special treat included with your first box! :dance:

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