Okashi Connection July Unboxing!

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Okashi Connection July Unboxing!

Another month, another Okashi Connection box! If you haven’t watched my last video, check it out!

Okashi Connection is a new Japanese candy subscription box that sends you a carefully curated box of candies, snacks and other fun edibles straight from Japan! It’s only $22 a month for the subscription, and you get over a pound of snacks in each box!

The video should be working now!

Mike’s back, helping me taste-test all the goodies we got. Maverick also noses his way in, and Goose pops in during a jump-cut, though he stays quiet as usual. (He’s camera-shy.)

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If I’m honest, I wasn’t very happy with this video. I tried to cut it down to a decent time, but it’s still realllly lengthy (almost half an hour!). I’m going to try to be more brief next time around, but Mike and I just chatter too much. :shiver:

This time, I read the member’s only blog post that explains what each item is, but I didn’t let Mike know. So he’s feeling his way blind through all of these snacks.

Don’t forget, if you subscribe to Okashi Connection, make sure to use code BTPANDA for a special treat included with your first box! :dance:

Gold Bubble Clothing – The Patriot Leggings Review

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Do any of y’all watch Heroes of Cosplay? As some of you know, I recently jumped back into the cosplay scene after a long hiatus. I’m currently working on several costumes, including the Nightingale Armor from Skyrim (my second attempt!), Super Sailor Pluto and Melisandre from Game of Thrones. Anyway, I’m not that big a fan of the show itself for a couple of reasons, mostly how they represent the cosplay community, but I watch it anyway. The first season introduced Victoria and Jinyo, a Los Angeles-based cosplay couple — I liked them both a lot, and began to follow them on social media after the season ended. This was how I found out they were introducing their own geeky clothing line, Gold Bubble Clothing. Victoria is a huge fan of Black Milk, and they mentioned that it was a big inspiration for them to start their own line.

Gold Bubble Clothing - The Patriot Leggings

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June ipsy Bag

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I know … I’ve been really bad about putting my ipsy bags up! My June ipsy bag came last week, though, so I’m trying! This month’s bag is themed “Pretty in Paradise.” The bag is apparently designed by Rebecca Minkoff, according to the tag! Let’s see what I got~
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Okashi Connection June Unboxing + Giveaway [CLOSED]

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Okashi Connection June Box + Giveaway - Japanese Candy Subscription

The giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to the winner!

I’ve got a super awesome subscription box to show y’all today! Most of you know how much I love sweets and desserts, and I especially love Asian candies because they have such cute packaging and unique flavors. Okashi Connection is a new Japanese candy subscription box that sends you a carefully curated box of candies, snacks and other fun edibles straight from Japan! They specifically include seasonal or limited run items, so you can be sure you won’t be getting a box of snacks you’ve already had before. Continue reading

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